10 Countries in 50 Days

Dream, Discover, Explore: Tips To Travel 10 Countries In 50 Days!

Ibn Battuta the famous Moroccan scholar and traveler once said “travelling leaves you speechless and turns you into a story teller.” This quote beautifully summarizes my experience of travelling to 10 countries in 50 days.

I wanted to write this article to encourage fellow travelers to pack their bags and set out on a life changing experience. While it may sound daunting and exhausting to travel to 10 countries in 50 days, it is indeed possible to do so. The places I covered include UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, Italy, Vatican and  France.

Below are a few useful tips that I have personally benefited from during my journeys.

  1. Flying

Spending money on air tickets is unavoidable. But you can save money on tickets by booking in advance. You can also buy tickets for cheap if you keep an eye on the various daily promotions airlines offer.

It is in your best interest to compare the prices of the tickets offered by different airlines. In order to get information on the latest offers, you can subscribe to their mailing lists.

Another useful tip I personally made use of was to carry backpacks while travelling. This way I could forgo the check in charges.

If you wish to explore the countries in a more relaxed pace, you can also travel via train.

  1. Accommodation

This is another area that you need to focus on. There are many networking sites such as Couch-surfing that helps to connect fellow travelers. One just needs to send a request to a potential host and if successful you can crash in their homes without spending a dime!

If you wish to look for safer alternatives, you can rent a room in a backpacker hostel. In order to save money I choose to travel during night. This way I could sleep on the flight, bus or train.  I found this to be a great way of saving money on accommodation.

  1. Food

If you are an avid foodie and want to travel to enjoy the different varieties of food, then this will a luxury that you will have to spend big buck on.

I barely spent $5 for food in a week during my stay in Europe. I survived on a loaf of brown bread with peanut butter. Buy whatever you wish to eat from supermarkets as they offer attractive discounts.

Another useful tip is to have a meal where the locals do. Not only do you get a chance to explore the local cuisine but also fill your stomach without burning holes in your pocket.

  1. Transport

When in Rome do like the Romans! I explored the wonderful city of Rome by foot. Other places that can be covered on foot include Paris, Venice, Florence, etc.

Using public transport like public bus and public trains will also help you money on transport. I travelled the whole of Europe through trains.  Investing in a Euro rail pass ticket was one of the wisest decisions I made during my travel.

Other ways to get to places include car rentals, rideshares and hitchhiking.


I hope that the above tips will be useful for planning your 10 countries tour in 50 days.