Travel Abroad

Be a smart traveller – travel safe and have fun

Every year millions of Australians travel abroad to explore new destinations and exotic locations and sights. Travelling can be a fun experience when you follow some thumb rules and common-sense tips before you begin your journey. These are:

  • Read up on your choice of destination: There is a full range of information and travelling tips classified country-wise on the internet. This will help you understand the local laws, health issues, security situation and visa requirements in the travel destination of your choice. Do a comprehensive research on your destination and keep yourself regularly updated on news and information from there.
  • Decide on what you would like to see and experience: A destination could throw in a big variety in terms of what to see and where and when to travel. Hence, make an informed choice and pack stuff such as clothing, medicines and other accessories mindful of the weather conditions and health issues that you are likely to face in your destination. Check whether you need to take any vaccinations and preventives before you travel to your destination.

  • Check your passport and visa details thoroughly: Ensure that your passport is valid for more than a year, before you plan your trip abroad, to avoid any issues. All Australian citizens need to have and maintain a valid passport when travelling to foreign destinations. Verify and understand what your visa allows you to do. Visa cons and scams are not uncommon, therefore verify from reliable sources about the validity of your visa. Overall, just generally keep yourself updated on the entry and exit requirements of the country where you plan your holiday.
  • Make a second copy of all your important travel documents: A spare copy of all your travel documents online and with your friends back home can come handy, when you are in trouble.
  • The importance of travel insurance: Travel insurance saves you and your family from many hassles you may face unexpectedly in your journey, such as, ill health, accidents and incidents like theft etc., When you are uninsured the entire onus of covering unexpected mishaps is entirely on you. So, travel safe and travel with insurance cover.
  • Money matters: Check for the currency exchange rates and valid exchange points. Check on the validity of your cards when paying your dues abroad. Plan and organise different ways of accessing money easily when you are travelling overseas.

Follow travel advisory from the government and procure consular assistance whenever required. These common-sense tips can help you have a great, hassle-free holiday.